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​HR system

​Information on the implementation of the personnel evaluation system
Guidance on performance evaluation and competency evaluation
If you become a Tmax Soft employee, you will receive personnel evaluation twice a year, once each in the first half (July) and second half (January).
​Personnel evaluation is divided into performance evaluation and competency evaluation.

Performance evaluation is to evaluate the performance against the goals achieved by employees, and competency evaluation is to evaluate the employee's ability to perform the job. Through this evaluation, compensation commensurate with performance is given, and individual feedback on the evaluation results is given to diagnose job performance capabilities and develop areas lacking.

performance evaluation

about achievement of organizational performance goals.

Evaluate individual contributions and work performance to realize fair compensation and treatment

evaluation target
competency evaluation

Evaluate each person's capabilities

Realize fair compensation and treatment

We want to develop the areas we lack through feedback and education.

all employees

evaluation period

​Year 2 Episode 2 semiannual

Evaluation type

Downgrading: Evaluation by superiors on performance and competency

Upgrading: Competence evaluation among subordinates and superiors

​Peer evaluation: Mutual evaluation of competency by co-workers

Assessment Methods

Proceed with the TIMS system

Purpose of Compensation System
Compensation system details
TmaxSoft implements an individual annual salary system for all executives and employees to reward each individual according to their performance and capabilities.

The annual salary is determined through salary negotiations between the company and the employee on April 1 of each year. In addition, company-wide profit sharing based on annual management performance and various incentive programs are implemented according to the characteristics of each sector (Sales / Technology Division / Consulting / R&D).

Quarterly monthly inquiry

excellent employee

Quarterly protagonists of Tmax Horn are selected through recommendation and screening

Annual Founding Ceremony

achievement award

long-term employment and company

select meritorious persons

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Sales Excellence

Sales representative selection based on quarterly sales performance and contribution

10 years continuous service award

All employees who have worked for more than 10 years

kick-off ceremony every year

annual sales hero
(groups and individuals)

Selection of sales team and sales representative based on annual sales performance

Tmax Maestro, Excellence Award (each category)

All employees who have worked for more than 10 years

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