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Tmax WAPL is a communication-based collaboration platform.

WAPL is a cloud-based, total collaboration platform with an integrated service for clients that desire smart-working.

01 What is Tmax WAPL?

Tmax WAPL provides various functions such as messenger, video conference, drive, note, calendar, mail, and works. In addition, it is possible to easily build a business and collaboration environment in a subscription or installation type to suit the customer and corporate environment.

02 Features

messenger (1).png

messenger centered

Multi-Tasking collaboration tool 

Notes necessary for work, centered on messengers,

Various tools such as calendar, drive, etc.

support. Take notes while talking

Multitasking, such as writing meeting minutes

It supports interoperability between functions.


Plans tailored to your environment

Subscription type / installation type selection

On-premise installation considering 3-stage enterprise security, price and server burden

With a subscription type that can be lowered, you can choose a plan suitable for each purpose and user.

We are supporting.

video-conference (1).png

through its own technology

video conferencing available

Screen and document sharing, reader permission settings, etc.

Video conferencing is possible. The self-developed system HyperMeeting (excluding 100 major non-face-to-face voucher customers) service that everyone can use easily without worrying about security accidents


03 Detailed function

Tmax WAPL's differentiated features realize customer satisfaction.

One Platform Smart Work

Collaboration is possible in a workspace on the cloud, regardless of service time, location, or device. High interoperability between various services within one platform You can maximize work efficiency by providing a smart work environment through On the platform, business apps are continuously expanded to meet customer needs.

Document security and scalability

All documents are stored in the cloud and protocol inflow is blocked in the gateway zone, allowing authentication and authorization management through the integrated authentication server. Easy access through secure URL sharing reduces the load caused by file I/O operations.

Ease of creation and management of space for each purpose

Personal and company spaces can be created for various purposes, such as offices, schools, and small groups. Add detailed members and organization chart with space-specific admin function, Detailed management such as domain url setting is possible.

04 introduction effect

Meet the innovation with the introduction of Tmax WAPL.

It dramatically reduces total cost of ownership (TCO).

From the moment of introducing the Tmax WAPL product, you can feel the TCO reduction effect of the replacement. It is possible to minimize system management costs through a cloud subscription type with no hardware investment and software installation initial cost, or an installation type tailored to the business environment. In addition, flexible expansion according to usage by utilizing its own cloud technology it's possible.

We provide integrated collaboration services for digital transformation of the workplace. 

As a collaboration tool that can be separated from public and private sectors to focus on work, real-time communication between members, document management and security can be performed. In the future, we plan to provide a wide range of services such as AI functions, CRM, and ERP through continuous development and support.

05 Introductory case

Check out the various success stories of Tmax WAPL.

Tmax WAPL is a proven solution with more than 100 company references in various fields such as public, financial, and enterprise.

다운로드 (15).jpg
Chungnam National University
project name
Based on AI chatbot Messenger
Build a platform
Content of the project
For on-campus employees and students
Establishment of new messenger system and
Built-in AI chatbot function
Nationwide direct management and merchants ​
Building a digital collaboration environment
Unified communication between headquarters and affiliates
Subscription to secure channels
service introduction
Gwangju Information & Culture Industry Promotion Agency
Establishing a non-face-to-face work environment for non-face-to-face user information sessions
Securing a non-face-to-face work environment and local
Subscription type for collaboration with external companies
service introduction

06 Related products

Experience the best introduction effect through linkage with various products.


Focusing on various small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

Provide video conferencing solutions

Non-face-to-face work and communication productivity

Try promoting it.


high scalability is required

After introducing finance, public, university, etc.

Compared to open source, delicate customer service

Realize work convenience.


A high level of stability is required

Major financial conglomerates, distribution conglomerates, and public institutions

Based on one-channel-one-stop technical support

By building a low-cost server

Increase your productivity.

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