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Super App Vision

Based on our technology and experience of being number one in the system SW market, we are building an IT world that can expand 
Fulfill the values and technology you have dreamed of.
​ Realise your dreams at Tmax.

We are pioneering a  limitless
IT world with our technologies


​The dream we are making, "Tmax SuperApp"

SuperApp is our new challenge that values integration, creation, and technology.

A world where fragmented and separated platforms combined 
A world independent from Microsoft, Apple, and Google
A world where advantages of the Web and App are altogether combined
A world without boundaries between consumers and producers
A hyper-personalized world realized with system/AI/blockchain technology

Our company creates a world with an integrated total platform where various services can be expanded further, regardless of AOS/IOS/Windows, through SuperApp.

Our dreams with SuperApp?

Tmax has thrived to make a better world with software technology for the past 26 years,
Now, we are on a new challenge, SuperApp, to create a new world.

Core experiences through SuperApp
   Free: regardless of OS, platforms and devices
   Convenient: No-coding system encourages anyone to freely create an app they want
   Hyper-personalization: Personalized information based on integrated data

The core technologies     of    SuperApp

SuperApp has the following core technologies inside


The    architecture of SuperApp

From the infrastructure to the App platform, We have our own technology.


With Tmax and its unrivaled technology,​ expand your dreams further and higher!
"As Super as Possible"

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