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TmaxCoreAI is a company that specializes in AI services.

TmaxCoreAI incorporates unique Tmax AI technology which includes text-to-speech technology and document intelligence. TmaxAI provides AI service and platform within Tmax SuperApp for hyper-personalized information.

Tmax AI provides customized knowledge care services optimized for users through the production, connection, and search of knowledge.


Welcome to TmaxCoreAI, an AI service company.

TmaxCoreAI is a company that innovates the world with AI services. With AI applied from services to platforms.
We provide a hyper-personalized knowledge care service that maximizes efficiency of work and our daily lives.
TmaxCoreAI will create a society where technology and humans can collaborate and develop with consistent R&D and talented teams.
Your support keeps us moving forward to all the innovations we will achieve.

Thank you.

Our Business

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Research Personnel

80% of our employees are researchers

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Business Field

Knowledge Services,
AI Platforms and Application Services


​Voice Intelligence


Speech Recognition (STT)

Speech Synthesis (TTS)

speaker split

natural language processing

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natural language understanding

question generation model

​embedding model

natural language generation

sentiment analysis

​Disambiguation (WSD)




document summary

​document classification

Semantic Search

SPO extraction




Hyper-personalized AI chatbot service that increases customer satisfaction through a Q&A service that can be used conveniently anytime, anywhere


Tmax AI's own artificial intelligence solution that provides AI-based services in various fields, including voice audio, conversation, and document intelligence


Super Artificial Intelligence Services

Platform that presents its own

AI technologies, including visual, voice

audio, conversation, and document intelligence


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​APP (Knowledge) Service

 TmaxAI provides hyper-personalized knowledge care services by analyzing users' knowledge levels, interests, and tendencies

SuperBlog | A-Jobs | SuperWiki | Academic Information …

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AI platform service

Even without expertise in AI, BigData, etc.

Ease of use of AI technology by the general public, businesses and governments

Utilization of new technology by providing a supportive environment

Eliminate asymmetry.

KDB | A-Call | SuperBrain …

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AI application service

TmaxAI leverages voice intelligence, natural language processing, and document/knowledge technologies to deliver AI application services in the form of individual components or combined platforms in public, financial, and enterprise areas.


TmaxAI provides AI technology and service platform to large customer catgories such as finance, manufacturing, service, and education.

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Inavi Systems

TTS voice learning system for voice guidance service, providing voice learning data


​Woori Bank

Automated classification of operating news by utilizing the AI knowledge platform

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Chungnam National University

Ensuring efficiency by having the AI respond to repeated complaints and managing schedules within the messenger

Recent News

[4차산업혁명 어워드/4차위원장상] 티맥스에이아이 "평등한 양질의 교육 환경 제공"

티맥스에이아이, AI 기반 금융투자 교육 서비스 ‘알투플러스’ 개발

티맥스, '슈퍼위크 2022' 개최...“새로운 세상을 만들 슈퍼앱 공개”

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