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TmaxBI provides an AI-based business solution, and a full agenda for data management

TmaxBI is a company that provides solutions for innovative business management
based on ERP, AI, and Big Data technologies.


TmaxBI has everything for companies to stand on a competitive edge. From company resource management and AI data analysis, TmaxBI provides the solutions that will bring innovation in business management.


Many companies search for efficient methods to gain competitiveness and competence in this rapidly changing global market and work environment.


As a subsidiary of the Tmax Group, which possesses all the source technologies of IT, TmaxBI provides an optimized IT service, so that senior executives can firmly operate their business while employees can focus on their tasks with more effective results and efficient methods.


We have reinforced our R&D workforce, in which consists 70% of our whole employees, and we have been investing everything to cope with the ever-changing market and technology.


With consistent research development and service development, we support our clients to compete in the global market.


Experience immense business growth with AI-based Big Data analysis platform, and resource management solutions.


Thank you.

Our Business

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162 Employees

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Business Field

ERP, Works, BI, and Big Data integration&Analysis



An open source Big Data analysis platform that follows data standardization, and is based on data virtualization and Cloud technology,


Manages the overall progress of projects and tasks, to systematically finish tasks and accomplish goals.


From human resource management, financing, collaboration tools, to everything for enterprise management.


From storing, analyzing, leveraging data, to everything for better business data management.


Tmax FOCUS provides data virtualization and an integrated analysis for various industries such as public institutions, finance institutions, and retail industries.


Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries

Built data governance and a distribution structure for data production, analysis, distribution, processing and sales between platforms and centers.


Samsung Electronics

Provided data integration and data virtualization services for a flexible analysis and ensured timeliness in business communication and decision-making.

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Woori Bank

Applied AI technology to create an automated and intelligent system for management of operational news displays.

Recent News


티맥스비아이, 스타트업·중소기업
AI 기반 데이터 활용 지원


교통 빅데이터 사업 협력


티맥스비아이-공감 아이티,
빅데이터 사업 손잡았다

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