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Tmax Fintech is a company that studies IT finance solutions that customers want,
and that are not in the world.

Tmax Fintech dreams of future finance where new AI, meta become commonplace
A company that studies IT solutions.
Personalized with innovative IT technologies that are different from other companies
To help provide financial services, TMAX FINTECH is developing a super app.


How will finance change in the future, in this new global era?

Tmax Fintech has taken the spirit of Tmax, that dominated the global middleware market, and is currently developing a future finance solution.
We provide innovative IT finance solutions to many finance corporates that are struggling with weak IT power.

Tmax Fintech will be responsible for future finance IT solutions, so our clients can focus on their customers. New IT financial services such as AI, ChatGPT, and Metaverse will all be found at Tmax Fintech provided as SaaS services.

Our Business

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35 Employees

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Business Field



Core Bank

A service that enables clients to rebundle/unbundle financial components to the form of SaaS for insurance businesses in financing.


WAPL Pay is more than just a simple payment system. where all financial transactions can be treated as transactions from your "private bank" that manages all the flow of money.


An innovative My Data service that provides information combined with external big data. It is beyond traditional services, and provides customer service in a single API.


Tmax Fintech proves its business capabilities through rich experiences in public, finance, enterprise, and other institutions.


Cooperative Worker Union of delivery services

Establishment of various platforms related tocooperative worker union.

Recent News

배달서비스공제조합, 플랫폼 구축 업체 TmaxFintech 선정

배달서비스공제조합, 플랫폼 구축 업체 TmaxFintech 선정

TmaxFintech 계열 본격 가동…'원어카운트·슈퍼뱅크' 전략

TmaxFintech 계열 본격 가동…'원어카운트·슈퍼뱅크' 전략

TmaxFintech가 'AI 애널리스트' 주역인 이유? '클라우드'가 있으니까!

TmaxFintech가 'AI 애널리스트' 주역인 이유? '클라우드'가 있으니까!

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