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​Cafeteria welfare system

(Dream Point)

The points provided to each individual (Dream Point) can be used for various purposes according to individual needs.

Points can be additionally charged through service years and various reward systems.

An average of KRW 1.5 million per year and a maximum of KRW 2 million are awarded in points.

※ Examples of items that can use Dream Points

- Health care: health checkup (including family), physical training, medical expenses (including family)

- Self-development: taking classes at academies, purchasing books, acquiring qualifications, purchasing items related to self-development

- Cultural life: watching plays, movies, and other performances

- Family life: eating out, using recreational facilities (condos, resorts)

work activity support

​ (relevant person)

If you use a vehicle for work or use a lot of mobile phones, the company will support the related expenses.

- Vehicle maintenance and parking fee support

​- Mobile communication fee support

We provide a variety of convenient facilities to provide an environment where you can concentrate on your research.

​- Provision of company housing (R&D occupational group)

Employee refresh​ Vacation system

Refreshment vacation system for long-term employees with 3 or more years of service (1~3 months)

Year of employment: monthly paid leave

Annual paid leave: leave granted according to the ratio of the number of months worked after joining the company

Monthly paid leave: 1st day of the following month when full work is completed each month from the date of joining to the end of one year

Subsequent year: Granted annual leave on the 15th in accordance with the Labor Standards Act

Other various welfare programs

Support for club activities (soccer, mountain climbing, culture, table tennis, marathon, chess, sharing, etc.)

Female employee lounge: 1st floor of headquarters

​T-Cafe: Take out coffee shop-type resting area where drinks are provided

Operation of in-house health management room (massage room)

Operation of company congratulations and condolences and employee association system

Conducting various events

※ Sports competition and company-wide & departmental workshop

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