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Tmax A&C is a company specializing in AI/Cloud.

Tmax  A&C is AI and collaboration (collaboration) based
Through various platform services We present a new work/daily life/environment.

We provide a platform and SaaS solution that anyone can easily collaborate with AI technology.
With the experience and technology that achieved the No. 1 system SW in Korea,
We create a ​ integrated platform world where services in various fields can be freely expanded.


Hello. I am Park Hak-rae, CEO of Tmax A&C.

Tmax A&C is consisted of 11 subsidiary companies. Tmax Cloud, Tmax AI, Tmax RG, TmaxOS, TmaxOffice, Tmax WAPL, Tmax Metaverse, Tmax Commerce, Tmax Fintech, Tmax FOCUS, and Tmax Healthcare support the company in AI and cloud innovation. 

By providing various AI and cloud technologies as platform services, we aim

to overcome the difficulties of AI, which has been shown only as fragmentary pieces. 

With AI and cloud technology at the forefront, we will become a pillar of a new social structure, and assist other corporates in innovating their work environment. We thrive to create a new IT world through SuperApp, which will be built based on the strong original technologies of each Tmax subsidiary companies.

Thank you


Our Business

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연구인력 아이콘.png

Research personnel


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Business Areas

AI, Cloud, OS/Office, Collaboration Solution

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intelligent information society

Leap to First Mover



TmaxA&C is growing rapidly by providing solutions optimized for the purposes of various customers such as public, finance, manufacturing, and distribution.
We are contributing to the development of national technological competitiveness by localizing exclusive foreign software.

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fire department

Cloud-based GIS system and

​Establishment of monitoring environment

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Mirae Asset Daewoo

Mirae Asset Daewoo

​cloud platform business


LG Display

For common PCs in conference rooms, etc.

​Introduction of Tmax OS

Recent News

bhc 디지털 협업 환경 구축

티맥스오피스, 육군본부 클라우드 기반 지능형 문서관리 시스템 수주

티맥스에이아이, 유비온 자격증 교육 서비스에
AI 플랫폼 제공

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