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Experience the highest levels of efficiency and performance with our innovative solution that will transform your work experience like never before.


If you struggle to find enough time to focus on your work, our solution can help you.

Are you looking for an easy and efficient marketing solution?


Core Function

If you've had trouble with distributed work data and expensive foreign solutions,

try our customizable solution FORTE.

FORTE can be tailored to fit your specific needs.

Our all-in-one program simplifies your tasks and saves you money. We offer customized solutions for your specific industry or situation.


You can freely use Office, Cloud, DB, AI, Fintech, Metaverse, BI, etc., provided by SuperAPP. You can also use this to implement your own new app

"As our business expands, we need new functions, but adding them will make it more expensive and burdensome.“

-000 customer-

Core Function

Convenient and more advanced tasks.

Introducing the key features of FORTE for smart

and efficient work.

Complicated and variable tasks can also be easily and accurately registered through Rule Registration.



to your destination


Amazing FORTE function! How is it possible?

Based on Tmax Group's technology, we provide an integrated architecture for Super Company.

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