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From collecting to storing, analyzing, and visualizing various data generated in IT environments, do it all at once!

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I’m not a data analysis expert…

Did you feel that data analysis is too complicated and difficult?


Core Function

Even if you're not an expert, you can do it easily and quickly

with a single platform!

SOLOMON provides a one-stop solution for data collection,

analysis, storage, and visualization.


Even if you’re not a data scientist, it’s okay.

Various statistical Packages and ML(Machine Learning) are supported!

EDA(Exploratory Data Analysis) is basic! We offer not only various statistical analysis packages but also prediction and machine learning capabilities.

“Could I perform data analysis without a data scientist?”

- OOO customer -

Core Function

Would you like to know more in detail?

Let me introduce you to the key functions of SOLOMON,

which provide fast and accurate insights.

Provision of user-centric analytics environment



to your destination

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