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SuperAI is TmaxAI's own artificial intelligence solution that provides AI-based services in various fields such as voice intelligence, natural language processing, and document/knowledge intelligence.

It provides innovative AI services with Tmax's own technology

01 How does it work?

Based on Tmax's AI core technology, it demonstrates the best performance that performs beyond the limits of open source through optmiuzed tuning.

02 Features


Quick and flexible service

Based on the company's wide active R&D support system and outstanding research capabilities, we provide our own AI algorithm, which swfitly responses to various issues.


Unique Korean specialized service

Accuracy is guaranteed with even little Korean language learning data, which provides stable conversation with intelligence, and high-quality model learning is possible based on high-performance servers (DGX A100).


Business Optimization Services by Customer

Convergence processing between intelligence is possible through research in all AI fields such as voice recognition, natural language processing, documents, and knowledge intelligence Custom Server integration allows you to handle a variety of answers and data that suit your company.

03 Detailed features

We bring customer satisfaction with SuperAI's unique features.

Voice intelligence

Tmax SuperBrain offers various technologies in the field of voice intelligence, such as Speech-to-Text (STT), Text to Speech (TTS), speaker separation, speaker authentication, voice authentication, and keyword recognition.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

​We provide various technologies in the field of natural language processing, such as automatic generation of knowledge graphs, question and answering, reasoning, sentiment analysis, document summarization, and chatbots.

Document/Knowledge Intelligence 

We provide various technologies in the field of document/knowledge intelligence, such as knowledge DB, document summarization, document classification, and semantic search.

04 Deployment effect

Discover innovation after deploying Tmax SuperAI

Maximize cost savings by maximizing work efficiency

By automating simple but repetitive tasks, it is possible to reduce costs through streamlining processes and reducing human errors, thereby improving work productivity

We provide various insights for business innovation

SuperAI draws new business insights and supports decision-making through complex learning and reasoning

05 References

Check out the various success stories of SuperAI.

SuperAI has references in various fields such as manufacturing, finance, distribution, and public.

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Inavi Systems
Establishing House Biz 2.0 AI Service
Provided TTS voice learning system for voice guidance service and voice learning data
Cell Return
AOI defect recognition and automatic screening system
Provided deep learning solutions for AI voice synthesis technologyoffer
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Woori bank
Intelligent operation list management
Automated classification of operating news using AI knowledge platform
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