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GAIA is a cloud-based no-code app development platform that allows users to perform Front-end planning, Back-end design, and code management.

01 How does it work?

GAIA is a no-code app developer that works easily and fast. In relation to GAIA, Super GX provides various component designs, Super MX facilitates the production of metaverse components, GAIA supports the back-end data design, and synchronizing with SuperPX makes GAIA a powerful app builder.

02 Features


Easy and fast development within an integrated development environment

GAIA offers a single integrated environment where planning, designing, developing and deploying can all be done in a single solution.

Under this integrated environment, all maintenance and operations can be done effectively.


Improved convenience and quality with a complete No-Code approach

GAIA facilitates app development as users can apply various components by simply drag and dropping.

In additional, the no-code approach does not rely on manual development, thus reducing bugs and enhancing quality.


Increased efficiency through automated DB processes and data integration

GAIA, leveraging SuperDX, empowers real-time database updates to be linked and displayed on the screen.

This synchronization of logic and screen with database updates enhances convenience and efficiency.

03 Detailed features

We bring customer satisfaction with GAIA's unique features.

Supporting from building to management within an integrated environment

As a no-code solution, diverse API functions can be integrated and streamlines responses to solution and DB updates. It also supports automated deployments, app preview features, and others, which maximizes operational and management efficiency.

Providing high-end technology

With SuperMX, 3D metaverse components add up to a more diverse app design. Furthermore, SuperUX is capable of incorporating AI technology during app development to provide personalized solutions based on user data.

Increasing work efficiency through collaboration within projects

GAIA offers a real-time collaborative environment that allows the members to review content and offer feedbacks. Also, component design and UI placement can be done simultaneously by utilizing the divided features of GAIA and SuperGX.

04 Deployment effect

Experience innovation after deploying GAIA

Fast and cost-effective development

GAIA's integrated development environment eliminates the need for separate tools, which allows non-expert developers to create applications efficiently, and save time.

Achieving user-specific optimization and efficiency

GAIA can be deployed and integrated with legacy apps and platforms as much as the user wants. Furthermore, by utilizing SuperDX and DB, it supports an optimized and efficient data management.

Enhancing the quality of development

The no-coding method reduces the frequency of bug occurrences, resulting in improved app quality and productivity.

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