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Tmax Interview

Tmax AI
Q. Hello. First, please briefly introduce yourself.

hello. He is the Research Director who leads the Tmax AI Research Headquarters. I have been working at Tmax for about 4 years.

Q. I am curious about the corporation and organization you currently work for. And what kind of technology is the AI Research Institute researching?

AI Research Division We are conducting various research related to AI, such as search engine research, crawler research, knowledge DB construction research, document summarization, keyword extraction research, NLP research, chatbot development, voice, and vision.

Apart from this, we also do work related to front-end development and back-end development.

Q. Please introduce your weekday work as a developer or leader.

As the research head, schedule management of all products and research, participation in executive meetings and various research meetings, participation in interviews, and setting the research direction of the headquarters

Most of the work is the same. In addition, I am doing tasks such as checking the direction and contents of each research conducted in Room 1.  


 For developers, they generally design the architecture of a related product, discuss the content with the professor, and proceed with development according to the decision.

Proceed. Based on the content, backend and frontend managers discuss features and proceed with development.

In the case of AI source technology research, research is mainly conducted through assignments, and research is conducted according to the schedule for the assignment. Even if there is no assignment, in the case of necessary technology within the Tmax Group, a roadmap is created and research is conducted according to the roadmap.

Q. What is the biggest attraction of your current job?

Becoming a leader-level position at the AI Research Headquarters, the biggest attraction is that it broadens your horizons.

Rather than conducting a single study by an individual, set up a study that is needed in the future, calculate a plan for it, and determine what resources are needed.

I think the process of figuring it out is a task that ordinary researchers cannot experience.

Q. As a Tmax developer, what is something you can be proud of?

Our Tmax's great strength is that it handles everything from the OS layer to applications.

Our headquarters is the headquarters that develops services, but as we develop services, we learn how to consider the overall architecture.

In particular, with simple development, you can study a lot about unknown DB structures and functions, and in the case of Tmax AI, many AI-related studies

Easy access.

Q. Among the projects you have worked on, which one are you most attached to?

The projects I'm most attached to are those related to search engines and crawlers. The first team assigned to the company was the search engine team.

It was because it was a job that I had been doing all along before I became a director. In addition, even after becoming the director, it is currently discussed as an important technology within the group,

We are doing a lot of research together. I have a lot of attachment to this project because it was a project that I worked on for a really long time and put a lot of effort into it.

Q. What would be a personally meaningful moment during your time together at Tmax?

There was a time when the CEO (CEO) was very satisfied with the topic of the research I had prepared, and gave me additional insights.

Professor is a legendary figure in the IT industry, and has excellent knowledge and skills. Therefore, the fact that the professor has been recognized for his research is that I myself

It means that I have grown considerably, so I felt really good at this time.

Q. What are some work habits or routines that can be called occupational diseases?

 In the case of leadership, I check my e-mail and messages a lot. There are many cases where executives or various assignments are contacted and discuss various issues.

because of.

In terms of research, since our company values the architecture and DB structure so much, we consider the DB structure first when conducting any research.

I got into a habit. I tend to think first of how the structure I'm thinking of is expressed as a DB.

Q. Nowadays, 'Culture Fit' recruitment is hot in every IT company. What is the company culture and atmosphere like at Tmax?

Although the atmosphere inside Tmax is a company, there is a culture of research while learning new things, and Tmax researchers are all similar in age, so it is very

It is characterized by conducting research in a horizontal and friend-like atmosphere.

And since it is a basic autonomous commute, you can work very freely.

Q. From the perspective you usually see during interviews, what are the skills you need to become a Tmax developer?

I see a lot of potential and a mindset that does research. When given a study, how do you try to carry it out on your own to the end?

It seems like a lot to see if you have enough potential to do your research. It is natural that there is a difference between the work you have been doing and the work you do at the company, so when a new study is given, it seems that you are likely to be able to perform it.

Q.  What is your company's main service or product?

We are focusing on research and development so that we can apply AI models to affiliate services.

We provide services so that we can utilize our technologies, and also carry out related tasks or projects.

Q. In what ways does the company help you a lot in your personal career?

A deep understanding and knowledge of DB and architecture, which ordinary developers do not have these days, is very helpful for individual careers, and through continuous meetings with the CEO, you can indirectly experience how the company operates.

Q. Tmax is famous as a welfare restaurant. What kind of welfare is the most satisfying?

The best welfare of Tmax is the gym and massage room. All laboratories have in-house gyms or affiliate gyms, so employees can use the gym at any time.

It is free to use, and the facilities are also very good. In addition, even in the case of a massage room, you can receive a quality massage that can never be received outside.

I think it's the best welfare you can get. Additionally, you will be given a private room, so it is a good point that you will have your own laboratory.

It seems to be one of them.  

Q.  Dear Director, what is Tmax?

Tmax is an ideal company for researchers who are tired of university and graduate school life to freely do the research they want to do.

Q.  What are your future goals?

I hope that the progress of AI-related research will improve a lot, so that I can become a person who can be called an AI expert wherever I go.

Q.   Recruitment for developers is very tough these days. What is the life of a developer like?

And tips for prospective developers who want to build a developer career!

As the treatment of developers has improved, the expectations placed on them have grown. You have to constantly study, and with an active attitude, the world needs

I think it is a job where you have to think about what a service is and how to implement it. And, looking at future trends, which language, which

It is very important to decide whether you should study and learn about technology.

Q. If you have any last words you want to say, please feel free to say so.

We believe that the future will be based on technology rather than ideas. In that, AI research and technology are carried out, and experts

It will be a very big competitive advantage in the future era.

Although you may not have enough knowledge about AI right now, anyone at Tmax can conduct new research if they have the capacity, so if you decide you have the capacity, I would like you to apply and take on the challenge.

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