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A New Concept in Digital Transformation

Tmax's A&C Transformation Strategy

Tmax group is MW, FW, DBMS, etc In addition to system software

Various technologies such as AI and App based on know-how

Tmax solutions that provide a new IT transformation in a new world,

A&C Transformation strategy is presented.


A&C TransformationThrough

new digital worldsecond

​ will be created.

Currently, Digital Transformation is trying to convert to the Digital World of the same world as the Real World.

However, with the advent of AI, it is not enough to build the existing analog Digital World.

The Hyper World, composed of AI that does not exist in the Real World and the Digital World, is implemented through A&C Transformation to create an environment in which AI predicts and recommends new things, collaborating with AI to create a more perfect world. It is a strategy to turn into reality.


Tmax DX Strategy,

A&C Transformation

We present various transformation strategies for companies' IT innovation.

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