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A-Talk is a personalized AI chatbot service composed of TmaxAI AI technology

Our chatbot service brings customer satisfaction through a Q&A service that can be conveniently used anytime and anywhere

01 How does it work?

With Multi-modal interfaces that support various input schemes, it provides personalized communication services that is based on the user's information.

02 Features


Maximized communication efficiency and effectiveness

From natural language processing (NLP) results, we provide hyper-personalized answers based on knowledge graphs, and we can provide them by setting the form of the answers to the context.


Overcoming the limitations of existing chatbots' scalability and support systems

Developed with active R&D support and outstanding research capabilities, our AI algorithms overcome the limitations of open source scalability and lack of commercial support, in which provides superior and flexible contextual responsiveness.

03 Detailed features

We bring customer satisfaction with the unique features of A-Talk.

Maximize communication with different answer types

Maximize the communication effect considering user convenience by selecting the appropriate data types for the answer characteristics such as Word, PPT, and Excel

Maximize productivity with AI & Human collaboration system

Provides a Bot API to provide seamless service for user queries. Considering that users have many needs, various channels are available, and by communicating with the supervisor when users want, it facilitates communication.

Identifying perplexing queries and maintaining conversation context

If the user's message is perplexing, additional multi-turns are executed to identify the user's actual intentions, and responds flexibly while keeping the context of the conversation.

04 Deployment effect

Discover innovation after deploying A-Talk.

We intend to improve user convenience and satisfaction with our personalized chatbot system.

Our Chatbot provides customized answers through the knowledge graph that reflects user information. In additional we improve user convenience by selecting the appropriate data types either as Word, PPT, or Excel for the nature of the answer.

The automatic response system increases work efficiency.

Duplicate civil complaints are automatically responded to, and conversation history is automatically delivered when a person in charge wants to be connected, allowing users to resolve the inquiry quickly without repeatedly delivering it.

05 References

Check out the various success stories of A-Talk.

A-Talk is a verified solution with customer references in various fields including public, defense, finance, and manufacturing fields.

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Chungnam National University
Establishing a non-face-to-face communication services
Ensuring efficiency by having the AI respond to repeated complaints and managing schedules within the messenger
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