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With standard open-technology and Tmax's original technology,

Tmax Cloud is a reliable, stable, and cost-efficient cloud platform

01 How does it work?

HyperCloud is a cloud engine that provides a user-driven, selective environment and is an integrated cloud that allows users to easily select and configure infrastructure and platforms adaquate to their environment. In addition, it is a cloud platform optimized to utilize new cloud-based technologies in consideration of ease of use by combining and automating a variety of verified open source and Tmax software.

02 Features


Avoid vendor lock-ins, and standardized platforms

Through Defecto based Kubernetes container platform and standardized Multi-cloud environment, we have resolved vendor lock-in troubles, and have established stability, scalability, and flexibility.


Automated services based on open source

Through countless optimizations and validations on our open-source service, we provide service catalogs with various templates, andthrough CI/CD pipeline, automated development and operations allow fast and easy development.

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Advanced service of emerging technology

Experience virtual conferencing with document sharing with a leader authorization system.

Hypermeeting is also included, in which anyone can easily use without security concerns.

03 Detailed features

We bring customer satisfaction with HyperCloud's unique features

Provides a service catalog through internalized open-source, and automated services

By internalizing optimaized open-source Kubernetes, HyperCloud provides various service catalogs, and through nCI/CD pipeline, it provides build/distribution automation, automated installation and updates.

Advanced package service 

The error analysis and prevention system predicts and prevents errors, and supports the entire cycle of analysis-learning-serving-operation through AI DevOps, in order to increase efficiency in machine learning and AI-based applications. It also provides a granular inter-service traffic control and monitoring environment with service Mesh delivery for MSA application.

Multi-Cloud platform

Multi-cluster technology allows easy management of multi-cluster environments such as provisioning, monitoring, and configuration patches. Also, cloud integrated monitoring through a cloud management platform allows an easy configuration setup and management of multi-hybrid cloud platform environments.

04 Deployment effect

Discover innovation after deploying HyperCloud

Service satisfaction with easy access to cloud technology and enhanced technical support

Through verification and technical support for various mixed open sources, we have solved the difficulty of internalizing open sources and secure user convenience and service satisfaction by providing Korean language patches and form-based GUI. We also provides better accessibility to new technology and stability through continuous updates.

Experience dramatically reduced TCO

For cloud deployment, we provide service that includes consulting, configuration, operating, and technical support, which will even reduce TCO more than 30% anually compared to foreign platforms.

05 References

Check out various success stories of HyperCloud

HyperCloud is a verified solution with more than 20 client references in fields such as the public, financial, and manufacturing institutions

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Chungnam National University
Establishing a Cloud Information Infrastructure Software in response to Covid-19
Project details
Building a new container-based cloud platform to provide resources to the university system
National Fire Agency
GIS Monitoring System Construction Project
Establishing a Cloud-based GIS monitoring active system to expand to a new technological service
unnamed (7).png
National Pension Service
Establishing a Docker-based Analysis Platform
Various open source and commercial analyzes
Building the engine's container execution environment
Shinhan Bank
MSA-based SW license
Building a management platform
Establishing an environment that runs containers for various open source and commercial analysis engines
Shinhan Investment & Securities
MSA-based business UI platform construction project
Establishing a MSA-based UI platform to ensure screen development productivity

06 Related products

Experience the best by incorporating with other products

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Experience increased productivity and convenience by deploying the optimized OS for Hypercloud.


We recommend incorporating ProLinux with TmaxHyperData to establish a big data environment for data collection and storage, and an efficient environment for AI Dev/Ops operations.

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