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Tinux Server is the one and only Linux OS for open source-based servers in Korea that can support engine-level technology. Tinux Server is a Linux OS designed to x86 servers that can be used in a wide variety of enterprise environments, providing an optimal environment for efficient operation in both cloud and on-premise environments.

01 How does it work?

Tinux Server is a high-performance Linux optimized for large-scale system environments. It analyzes and consults clients' infrastructure environment to provide an optimized solution to that environment. Also, clients can configure a stable OS environment with core-level technical support services.

02 Features


Reliable and validated quality


Provides all the core functions you need for your business


A smart OS based on A&C platform

ProLinux is the first validated OS to obtain GS testing (Good software) grade 1 from the Korea Information and Communication Technology Association (TTA) and the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (KTL).

User-friendly interfaces, built-in useful core APPs, support for various APPs, and hardware compatibility provide the core features you need.

With a user-friendly interface, a useful built-in core APP, various APP support and hardware compatibility, we provide the core features you need.

03 Detailed features

Experience customer satisfaction with Tinux Server's unique features.

Tmax's original software technology inside

In addition to kernel tuning optimized for Cloud, WEB/WAS, and DBMS, solution modules and libraries are provided as standard.

Provides an efficient and integrated management tool for large systems

We provide efficient management of mass server system environments through provisioning OS/packages, monitoring main resources, and content management support

OS suitable for new technologies (Cloud, ML, AI, IoT, etc.)

Introducing emerging technologies such as ML and AI with GPU environment support and validating cloud platform driver optimization such as CRI-O, Docker, Calico, and Ceph provide flexible cloud resources with excellent scalability and enhanced security.

04 Deployment effect

Experience innovation after deploying ProLinux

With Full-Cycle technical support, ProLinux is convenient in deploying and operating

We support the entire process, including consulting, analysis, and operations through our professional staff, and get engine-level technical support from our professional research staff.

Experience dramatically reduced TCO for your enterprise

It is free to use various Add-on features such as HA, KVM, and Ovirt, and offers services that include all core-level technical support at approximately 60% lower cost than other companies.

05 References

Check out the various success stories of Tinux Server

Tinux Server is a verified solution with over 50 customer references in a wide range of areas such as public, financial, and manufacturing fields.

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Ministry of Defence of South Korea
Advancing the Defense Transport Information System and Establishing an Operating Environment Based on Academic Management System
Establishing a Virtualized Server OS for Defense Integrated Data Center (DIDC)
National Fire Agency
Establishing a GIS Monitoring System
Configuring a total GIS Monitoring Cloud Platform Model in the form of Host OS in a virtual environment
new_ci1 (1).jpg
Korea Meteorological Institute
Network Separation On-Premise Environment OS Construction Project
Establishing NTP, DNS servers in an On-Premise environment through CentOS to HyperLinux migration
Lotte Chilsung
Establishing a Mobile Development Platform (L.EMP)
Establishing Web(WebtoB), DBMS(Tibero) servers in the form of Guest OS in a HCI-based virtual environments
우리은행 로고.png
Woori Bank Co., Ltd.
Catholic Parish Administration Computerization Project
Established HyperLinux as HCI VM & Cloud OS for building a catholic parish administration system

06 Related products

Experience the best by incorporating with other products

Group company software through ProLinux

Compatibility testing and various quality assurance tests

It is safe and secure through the verified OS environment.

Experience the optimized solution operating environment

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