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A smart virtual meeting solution appropriate for business and educational environments

01 How does it work?

A convenient and smart virtual meeting solution that can be used for business or educational purposes

02 Features


User-friendly service

The straight-forward UI/UX is friendly for any new users, and it is used without limitations in device, OS, and browsers.


A rigorously secured environment

Provides a safe user experience with built-in customization and various conference room security features


Flexible snychronization

Hypermeeting provides various service types, and can quickly adapt to the existing business environment

03 Detailed features

We bring customer satisfaction with Hypermeeting's unique features

Optimized to user environment

Cloud or On-Premise support depending on the user's environment and purpose

Leverages efficient services through SSO/Organization Chart integration

Free service without restrictions

Provides an unrestricted service environment for devices, operating systems, and browsers

Supports high-quality video based on WebRTC original technology

Specialized features for work and education

Provides various screen layouts, chat, screen, file sharing, and collaboration features

Provides specialized features for utilizing educational fields such as quizzes/voting/small groups

04 Deployment effect

Hypermeeting can be used in various environments where non face to face work is required

Virtual meeting for work

Presentations through screen/file sharing

Communicating with global partners

Establishing non face to face educational environment

Real-time online remote learning in schools, academies, and institutions

Establishing an online education environment for executives and employees using corporate/organizational proprietary platforms

Mass Webinars

Proprietary webinars for education, seminars, online

05 References

Check out the various success stories of HyperMeeting

Ministry of Personnel Management
Human Resources Innovation Department video system development
Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education
Established a virtual meeting system for non face to face work and education
Korea Agency of Education, Promotion and information Service in Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
Establishing a non-face-to-face consultation environment for synchronizing agricultural platforms
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