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WAPL Docs is an All-in-One collaborative platform for document-based work

By streamlining these processes into a single workflow, users can perform their tasks with flexibility and ease.

01 How does it work?

WAPL Docs offers an all-in-one platform that provides all the essential tools for business work, which optimizes workflow and increases efficiency. Its unique feature of converting documents into databases adds value to security and data utilization. WAPL Docs also manages the entire 'life cycle' of documents, from production to sharing, utilization, storage, and disposal.

02 Features


Robust security measures and safe document management

By converting documents into database formatted data, WAPL Docs prevents ransomware infections and by controlling permissions and approval processes for sharing and exporting, it prevents external file leaks.


Utilizing content and monetizing data through DB conversion

By converting and storing document files as database formatted data, Superdocs maximizes utilization of contents and monetization of both structured and unstructured data.


Integration of various collaboration tools

WAPL Docs offers a range of collaboration tools within a single platform, and it maximizes work efficiency through intuitive collaboration methods.

03 Detailed features

We bring customer satisfaction with WAPL Docs' unique features.

Freedom in file compatibility

WAPL Docs guarantees cross-compatibility between different document formats, such as .docx and .hwpx files, which eliminates the need of purchasing multiple types of similar office software. Moreover, it ensures compatibility across various operating systems, browsers, and devices.

Maximizingefficiency in data utilization through DB conversion

WAPL Docs uses granular data. Extracting and reusing only the necessary data from charts, images, texts, and other sources is capable through SuperDocs. Data can be managed conveniently, and prevents storage waste due to overlapping documents

Providing various collaboration tools in an all-in-one platform

WAPL Docs facilitates real-time, concurrent document editing, eliminating the need for sequential tasks or subsequent compilation. Furthermore, it integrates a variety of collaborative tools, including messenger, email, and video conferencing, to maximize work efficiency.

04 Deployment effect

Experience innovation after deploying WAPL Docs.

Significant reduction in operating costs

Our all-in-one solution offers a comprehensive package that includes office software, ECM, and collaboration tools, which dramatically reduces the costs

Establishing a perfect smart-work environment

WAPL Docs provides a boundless workflow environment. Experience increased work efficiency through an uninterrupted and seamless workflow

Providing a safe work environment based on cloud technology

By setting up both public and private cloud environments, WAPL Docs ensures the safety and security of critical information assets.

05 References

Check out various success stories of WAPL Docs.

WAPL Docs is a verified solution with diverse customer references in many industries, including public, finance, and manufacturing fields.

Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education
Establishing a customized cloud-based integrated platform for tailored collaboration environments
Provided a customized collaboration environment specifically designed for the education market, optimized to facilitate the sharing of learning data
Republic of Korea Army
Establishing a cloud-based intelligent (AI) data integration management platform
Established a systematic management environment by centralizing and implementing document data into a database

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