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Tmax People








A spirit of challenge​

​ Actively choose your own work

Always moving

Contributing the society with many benefits

We set no limits in creating a new world, and we will never stop challenging,

We always ponder over creating better quality. We are all leaders.

We correspond to the  rapidly changing IT market. 

We dream of a world 

where everyone is prosperous.

We cooperate to bring benefits for our world.

Tmax Life


Research Facilities

​We provide a single or double room for a focused research environment

Vacation Support

​We send off a refresh vacation for a whole month for every 3 years of diligent work


We have everything you need to take a break and relax.

From an in-office cafe and cafeteria, sleeping rooms where you can relax during work, massage rooms, a gym, and to a simple playground


​Health examination

We have an organized health check-up system for our employees' health

Employees may receive a detailed health checkup from our designated specialized institution

Well-being food

We make balanced meals with healthy ingredients every day.

We provide delicious and healthy food for the healthy eating habits of our employees.


Private residences 

We provide residences for our employees prioritized on those who are too far from work.

Daycare center

We wish to reduce the burden of childcare for employees

Operating a reliable daycare center full of professional and trustworthy teachers.



We strive to comfort the hearts of our employees.

We are delivering congratulatory and condolatory vacations and condolence money to express our feelings.

Welfare points


We have a welfare store that employees can use their welfare points.


Employees are given 1.5 million KRW, up to KRW 2 million as welfare points​ to freely travel and self-develop.


​Performance and Rewards

Regardless of age or seniority, your work performance will be recognized

Horizontal Culture​

All employees are evaluated from various perspectives.

We do not use certain name titles to each other, instead we call each other 'engineer,' or 'manager.'

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