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Core Bank

A service that enables clients to rebundle/unbundle financial components into SaaS form for for insurance business work in finances.

01 What is Core Bank?

Core Bank is a service that clients can freely rebundle/unbundle financial components in the form of SaaS.

02 Features


Subscription type CoreBanking

A SaaS subscription model that clients can reduce their initial investment costs, and clients can build customized core banking systems, resulting in significant cost savings.


Optimized work environment

Clients can work efficiently within a customized business digtial platform where clients' work environment, such as devices and browsers do not matter at all.


24·365 Zero downtime service

The service can be deployed without interrupting the service of the clients, and it guarantees a highly satisfactory and quality experience with zero downtime.

03 Detailed function

We bring customer satisfaction with Core Bank's customer personalized features

Backbone systems

We provide industry-specific services (customer, contract, finance, statistics, etc.) tailored to each industry's characteristics and business environment.


We provide optimized mobile-first services tailored to the characteristics of different industries and customer conveniences. This maximizes work effciency apart from the traditional insurance industry environment.

04 introduction effect

Experience innovation after deploying Core Bank

Dramatically reduces TCO

Based on our cloud-based SaaS product, experience minimized costs of physical space and maintenance management.

Excellent scalability based on our cloud techonology

We can flexibly expand the according to the needs of our clients by utilizing our cloud technology. As a result, we can maximize customer convenience and ease of management, leading to increased task efficiency.

05 Introduction case

Check out various success stories of Tmax Fintech

Cooperative worker union of delivery services
project name
Establishment and management of SaaS platforms related to Korea platform Workers' Credit Union

05 Related products

Experience the best deployment by incorporating with other products


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