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Beyond the simple payment systems, Pay service allows all financial transactions

as a kind of "private bank" that manages all the flow of money.

01 What is WAPL PAY?

WAPL PAY not only provides a simple online/offline payment system, but individuals can also manage the flow of their money by setting certain personal rules in expenses.

02 Features

Offline NFC Payment

Instead of in-app payments, an offline NFC payment system maximizes consumer convenience and provides a positive user experience.


Set up your own cash rules

The system automatically permits payments based on the rules set by the user, which minimizes the time on managing personal finances manually.


User-friendly UI/UX

First-time users can easily use WAPL PAY with an intuitive UI/UX that is user-friendly.

03 Detailed function

We bring customer satisfaction with WAPL PAY's personalized features


There are no minimum charge limits, so users can charge by 1 won(EX. 123,456won).


With the WAPL messenger's money transfer, you can trnasfer money to your friends in WAPL without their bank account addresses.


Everytime users use WAPL PAY, they receive points as a portion of the payment amount, which can also be used to pay for products.

04 introduction effect

Experience innovation after deploying WAPL PAY

Minimize your payment time

Even without physical cards or cash, consumers can use the non-app NFC payment system, which provides a positive experience for them.

Control your money flow within the WAPL platform.

Payments are made according to the payment rules that individuals have set based on the type of product and purchase amount. Therefore, consumers can smoothly manage everything from product purchases to money management.

05 Related products

Experience the best deployment by incorporating with other products

Core Bank

A solution that enables clients to rebundle/unbundle Financial Components for in-Finance Insurance Business in SaaS form.

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