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TmaxGooroom is an open operating system based on National Security Research Institute's security modules and TmaxOS's own IT power.

Secured and convenient open OS that any users can freely use

01 What is a TmaxGooroom

As an operating system that TmaxOS has developed, Tmax Gooroom is an open-source based system that provides a convenient user experience with its great compatibility and security.

02 Features


User-friendly UI/UX


Fortified Security


Optimized workspace

By providing an interface similar to the existing OS environment, even first-time users can use it comfortably and familiarly. 

Runs under OS-level security, and ensures strong security with the National Security Research Institute's 5-step security module inside.

Can be used as the GuestOS of domestic and foreign's major VDI, and is optimized to the users' workspace.

03 Detailed features

We bring customer satisfaction with Tmax Gooroom's unique features

Enhanced security

With the National Security Research Institute security module (trusted boot/execution file protection/disk encryption/operating system protection/browser protection) equipped, Tmax Gooroom is a secured business environment

Extended compatability

Virtual keyboards, touch pens, and other devices are compatible after the Gooroom 3.0 update.

Stable performance

Provides stable compatibility with major domestic and international VDI solutions and supports continuity with existing business environments

04 Deployment effect

Experience innovation after deploying Tmax Gooroom

Work in a safe and convenient environment

Minimize the risk of private data leaks through a safely segmentated network environment Maintain business continuity by working and using internet on a single PC

Supports a safe work environment under fortified security

The open OS that is a verified open-source, and mounted the NSR security module

Provides an efficient and optimized environment to users

Convenient usage with familiar UI/UX

Reduced TCO with reasonable license pricing, and less maintanence fee compared to other existing products

05 References

Check the success stories of TmaxGooroom

With the nation's best OS technology and consulting capabilities, TmaxOS is used in the public, financial institutions, and enterprises for multiple purposes: general PC, network segmentation, and virtualization.

Project Details
National Health Insurance Service
Works as the guestOS of the networking virtual PC during network segmentation
Korea Post
Works as the guestOS of the networking virtual PC during network segmentation
LG Display
Replaced the OS of computers in educational institution laboratories

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