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A big data platform that analyzes different types of data in real-time and assists your operational decisions

Collect the data from your work, and integrate them to resolve various needs in your workforce. Also contains an AI model inside that produces an insight for creative decisions from the collected data

01 How does it work?

An analysis platform that can collect, store, analyze, visualize, and incorporate AI. This ultimately provides guidance for data transformation, refinement, analysis and utilization. Also, a dataflow diagram maps out a coherent data analysis for convenient data access and utilization. Even non-programmers can analyze data by themselves with end-user computing.

02 Features


Providing a user-centric analysis

Users can easily analyze data with the data flow diagram with a drag and drop interface


Data integration processing

Integrated SQL processing allows the App to run query regardless of the DB format.


A.I. (Artificial Intelligence)

Provides a pre-definedML kit for AI analysis even for non-experts.

03 Detailed features

We bring customer satisfaction with the unique features of HyperData.

Real-time analysis

HyperData is capable of analalyzing streaming data by utilizing the Rule-based CEP engine. It is also capable of processing the event streams from multiple sources without any delay, and Rule-based processing provides accurate information that meets the user's needs.

Programmed Exploratory Data Analysis(EDA)

The scenario analysis recommendation engine provides the scenario's recommended result.

The User Preference Analyzer can reflect and apply upon the user's work environment and overall work trend.

The Data Feature Analyzer also detects abnormal data and determines whether the scenario is appropriate.

Data Virtualization solutions without Data integration

HyperData logically integrates and analyzes data that are scattered in multiple data sources without consolidating data. Although the user may not be an IT expert, it provides a data service hub that extracts, processes, and analyzes data regardless of DB.

04 Deployment Effects

Experience innovation after deploying HyperData.

Acquire data for business management real-time and respond quickly.

A Real-time analysis of numerous business data enables users to transform that data to a valuable asset in the workfield.

The supervisor can directly analyze data, so they can accurately reflect the requirements of a task.

Unlike the old analysis system, professional IT knowledge isn't required too much for data analysis. Therefore, making it easier to find what is needed in a certain task and deal with any inconveniences.

05 References

Check out the various success stories of HyperData.

HyperData is a validated solution that has many references by our clients in various fields: public, financing, and manufacturing institutions.

img (28).jpg
Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries
Establishing Marine Fisheries Big Data Platform and Center 
Creating a Big Data Marketplace for Marine Fisheries
Korea University Medicine
Establising a Clinical Data Warehouse(CDW) of accurate medical big data
Developing a CDW for precise medical big data and AI analysis
thumbnail_1579315948 (2).png
Korea Internet & Security Agency, KISA
Developing an AI System to evaluate the reasons for infringed personal information
Establishing a system to counteract personal data breaches and enhancing e-privacy clean service
Samsung Electronics
Integrated semiconductor servers
Extracting data of semiconductors and using them for an integrated analysis
img (29).jpg
Busan Bank
Establishing a stage 1 IT Big Data platform
Collecting information from internet banking, call centers, and analyzing them real-time to recommend the most appropriate financial instrument.

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