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RG Class

RG Class is an educational platform that focuses on personalized learning, and reducing the burden on teachers by utilizing AI technology and systematized knowledge DB of Tmax.

It is an educational platform that mitigates the work of teachers and lecturers.

01 How does it work?

With the original technologies of Tmax combined, we present an education platform that focuses on the essence of education: personalized learning and creative contents

02 Features


Lightens the workload of teachers/instructors


Personalized classes for students


Guideline for creating a smarter school

While utilizing AI technology and the knowledge DB(K-DB) of Tmax, it provides customized answers for each level and automatically creates quizes to reduce the teachers' workload.

A thorough data analysis accurately assesses students' learning goals and achievements. From this, it organizes classes adequate to students' skills and tendencies, and provides guidance to reduce the learning gaps.

RG Class provides a dashboard to teachers/instructors that solves the limitations of school data analysis due to dispersed academic management. RG Class elaborately analyzes learning performance by class and school, and suggests a guideline for establishing educational policies.

03 Detailed features

Experience customer satisfaction with the unique features of Tmax RG Class

Automatic problem/question generation

TmaxRG's exclusive random question generator and chatbot studio(A-Call Studio) analyzes original questions and lectures to generate new questions and increases the quality and productivity of educational contents.

Student/Academic Management 

RG Class reduces administrative work by automating simple, but time-consuming tasks such as attendance management, assignment checking and grading.

Class/School data analysis dashboard

The unique question generator provides an in-depth advanced learning experience, and relieves teachers from the burden of creating formalized lectures and questions.

04 Deployment effect

Experience innovation after deploying RG Class

Establishing an education system that encourages teachers/instructors to focus on their duties.

RG Class aims to ease the work of academic management and drafting questions, and focus more on implementing a curriculum that brings out the learner's application and creativity.

Satisfaction and mutual trust between the teacher/instructor and the learner

Teachers improve academic achievements with customized guidance that considers students' learning levels and tendencies, and students can learn in a more amiable environment, increasing the instructor’s confidence and student’s satisfaction.

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