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We innovate the current paradigm of knowledge and the publishing system of print books by shifting the experience from paper books to apps

RG A-book is a platform where a user can have a vivid reading experience

01 What is RG A-Book?

RG A-Book creates a new world of knowledge that is easy and fun to understand through 'App Book', which updates professional knowledge with vivid and the latest information in 3D metaverse sources. Anyone can create and share accumulated knowledge without coding through the super app-based RG A-Book Studio.

02 Features


A new knowledge tool that users 'experience,' while reading


Quickly and conveniently compile information and knowledge


'App Book,' that anyone can easily create

In App Book, users can easily understand rich, 3D meta-based professional knowledge rather than text-based knowledge.

Based on the data of 'Hi-me', users can collect and acquire information and knowledge adquate to their level.

Through RG A-Book studio, anyone will be able to easily create an 'App Book,' and the current publishing and distribution process will be self-operated within the SuperApp platform.

03 Detailed features

We bring customer satisfaction with the unique features of RG A-Book

Real-time updates, because it is an 'App'

Users can receive the latest contents with RG A-book's automatic real-time updates.

3D meta function that is possible only because it is an 'app'

Provides non-text based 3D meta for easy comprehension of even extensive expertise content.

'Hi-Me' based recommendation features

After analyzing the user's total environment, the most useful information and knowledge is recommended to the user.

App Book production features

We provide a RG A-book studio, in which users can create 'App Book' without any coding by utilizing the components of SuperApp.

04 Deployment effect

Experience innovation after deploying RG A-book

Acquire information and knowledge in a fun and efficient way

RG A-book helps users to quickly become an expert in various fields by providing only the necessary and useful knowledge that users need.

Creators only need to focus on their contents

Thanks to the self-operated processes within SuperApp, creators can focus more on creativity, and creating quality contents.

05 Related products

Experience the best by incorporating with otther products


RG Study is a platform that provides personalized classes adaquate to students' level based on metaverse and AI contents.

RG Class

It is an educational platform that reduces the burden on teachers and instructors, and supports customized classes for students by utilizing AI technology and organized T-MAX knowledge DB.

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