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RG Study is a studio of fun and easy lectures that incorporate metaverse and AI technology, providing a customized learning system.

A fun and easy learning platorm

01 How does it work?

Based on the core technologies that were independently researched and developed by Tmax, learners easily and efficiently gain knowledge they need at their level through RG Study.

02 Features


An easy and exciting learning experience


Learning what  is essential to me


Advanced learning for comprehensive understanding

Experience vivid and active learning through 3D metaverse elements, and maintain focused on learning.

Experience enhanced learning with an interactive avatar that recommends knowledge suitable to the learner's level, and immediately responds to learner's questions.

By solving automatically generated questions repeatedly in the advanced learning process, learners can enrich their knowledge, and expand their knowledge to expert level.

03 Detailed functions

We bring customer satisfaction with RG study's unique features

3D Metaverse components

Instead of straight-forward memorizing, easily understand in 3D, communicate with avatars, and have fun in learning.

Recommendations based on AI and Big Data Learning

With Hi-Me information that integrates and analyzes your data in the super app, you can preemptively provide the learning you need according to the learner's level.

Automatic problem/question generation

The groundbreaking automatic problem generation function and Q&A provide learners with deep and deep learning to improve their skills, and reduce the time and effort of writing formalized lectures and problems for teachers.

04 Deployment effect

Experience innovation after deploying RG Study

Acquire knowledge naturally like a game

With 3D metaverse resources and Q&A interactive avatar lectures, learners will not lose interest in learning

Innovate the entire learning process to maximize efficiency.

Through hyper-personalized analysis and recommendation, 3D metaverse contents, and advanced learning, anyone can quickly become an expert with innovative solutions that cover the entire learning process.

05 Related products

Experience the best deployment by incorporating with other products

RG Class

RG class is an educational platform that lighten the burden on teachers/lecturers, and supports personalized classes for students by utilizing AI technology and the coordinated Tmax knowledge DB.


RG A-Book innovates author's creativity and distribution method. It changes the paradigm of knowledge to the concept of expanding through apps, and not books, 

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