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HyperVM is an open-source based virtual system management platform

As a virtual machine management platform optimized for enterprise cloud transformation, it provides open source virtualization solutions that enable customers to continue cloud-based business with confidence.

01 How does it work?

HyperVM provides a convenient virtualized infrastructure management experience with ease of use, scalability, and distinct update services for virtualized resources.

We support various technologies, including orchestration, system load balancing, and live migration for virtual machines.

02 Features


Avoid the risks of vendor lock-ins, and experience scalability in conjunction with virtualization solutions


Pioneering standards with open source-based VM management technology

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Experience operational convenience with robust and centralized management tools, and optimized products

HyperVM provides a single compatible interface for expanding infrastructure connectivity, enabling various open-source storage and network integrated management.

VM management platform optimized for x86 servers and Linux environments that supports the oVirt-based virtual environment, which is one of the most popularly used open-source. Through verified open technology, we support an easy infrastructure operating environment.

An integrated UI for management of the entire infrastructure inspire convenient use, and operates updates and patches automatically. The user-friendly UI maximizes the ease of VM management and provides a virtual infrastructure environment optimized to HyperVM.

03 Detailed features

We bring customer satisfaction with HyperVM's unique features

Various administrative functions

We maximize UI and user convenience with support for web-based centralized management tools and real-time monitoring of storage, hosts, VMs, and events.

A compatible interface

Provides a single interface for total management of open source-based SDS, SDN. Seamless compatibility with storage and network solutions, including other VM solutions.

security features

HyperVM provides access authorization, security, and access control, and data consistency is ensured during data restoration with its own Hash code verification.

04 Deployment effect

Discover innovation after deploying HyperVM.

Ensuring stability through improved business continuity and analytical product support

In addition to providing capabilities for service persistence, we also provide service support optimized for our systems S/W for performance, reliability, cost optimization, and automation of updates and patches.

Relieves troubles in infrastructure management through agile support

We quickly troubleshoot and resolve issues with our Tmax professionals, and support systematic maintenance through frequent direct visits.

06 Related products

Experience the best deployment by incorporating with other Tmax products.


Experience user convenience and high production efficiency from simplifying management points with an OS optimized for HyperCloud.

Compatibility testing of group software and various quality assurance tests are carried out through ProLinux. Experience a secure, optimized solution operating environment with a proven OS environment.

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